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Busy parents and professionals need up-to-date, accurate, and evidence-based information in an easy-to-read, concise format. Hot Topic Blogs focus on these goals.


By SUBSCRIBING to this site, you:
    Will be notified when a new blog is posted
    Can suggest blog topics
    Can submit an idea for a blog you wish to write
Subscribers may also ask clinical questions, suggest course ideas, and network with others. See SUBMIT A QUESTION, TOPIC, OR IDEA and NETWORK WITH OTHERS pages.

Who Writes the Blogs?

The blog articles on this site are written by knowledgeable professionals and parents on the topics of feeding, speech, mouth development, and related subject matter. These articles are evaluated for accuracy before they are posted. See BLOGS A-Z and FEATURED BLOG for available blogs.

I will personally "blog" about many topics covered in NOBODY EVER TOLD ME (OR MY MOTHER) THAT! EVERYTHING FROM BOTTLES AND BREATHING TO HEALTHY SPEECH DEVELOPMENT. See the FUTURE BLOG IDEAS page for some subjects I am considering. If you like an idea on this page, you can request that a future blog be written about it.

Your ideas and needs as parents and professionals are extremely important to us. We want your suggestions for blog topics related to feeding, speech, and mouth function. We also encourage knowledgeable parents and professionals to write blogs for our site. Submit your ideas on the SUBMIT A QUESTION, TOPIC, OR IDEA page.