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Effective Answers to Your Burning Questions
The internet and social networking have helped both parents and professionals realize they are not alone when their children or clients encounter problems. However, now you need to sort through an information avalanche where some information is accurate and other information is not.

Our goal is to help you find accurate, effective, and easy-to-apply answers to your questions about feeding, speech, mouth function, and related areas. We encourage you to submit both commonly asked and unique questions.

While we won't be able to answer every question personally, we will look for themes to help as many parents and professionals as possible. The sample question (on the right) gives you an idea of a type of question you may wish to ask. See QUESTIONS & ANSWERS A-Z and FEATURED Q & A for questions that have already been answered.

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What are some things I should I look for if my child is a picky eater?


If your child is a picky eater, look for:
  •  Problems with mouth      movements
  •  Problems with sensation in      or around the mouth
  •  Any medical issues (such as      reflux or sinus concerns)      that may be related to the      problem
  •  Whether food textures were      introduced on schedule
  •  Behavior problems that      have become related to      picky eating...

Excerpt from:
Bahr, 2010, p. 194

  So, let's get started with your questions, so we can help create a generation of happier, healthier children (and parents).