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Courses by Diane Bahr

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Unique Parent-Professional Courses

Parents and professionals often take separate courses due to course complexity. However, Ages and Stages,® LLC wants to encourage the best possible feeding, speech, and mouth development in all children by bringing parents and professionals together as they work toward this goal.

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Infant Oral Sensory-Motor Treatment Webinar, Sponsored by Biomodeling Solutions

-Below is the FREE Infant Oral Sensory-Motor Treatment Webinar, Sponsored by Biomodeling Solutions. Please be patient with the loading of these videos. We have broken the webinar into eight sections to help with the hour and fifteen minutes worth of information.

Part One                     Part Two                     Part Three                     Part Four

Part Five                     Part Six                      Part Seven                     Part Eight



Keep Your Child’s Feeding, Speech, and Mouth Development in Shape and On Track from Birth, Sponsored by iMothering.com


-Below is a FREE webinar, originally sponsored by iMothering.com, in two parts.







Courses for Professionals


Online Courses


Best Practices in Pediatric Feeding, Motor Speech, and Mouth Development/Function13-hour course sponsored by TalkTool

I am TRULY honored by this wonderful TalkTools Montage


Integrated Treatment of Feeding, Speech, and Mouth Function in Pediatrics; 15-hour course sponsored by Speech Therapy PD


Prevention of Feeding, Speech, and Mouth Development Problems: Birth to Age 2; 7-hour course sponsored by Northern Speech Services


Note: Please check each course for specific CEU credits.