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Professional & Parent E-Courses

Let's Connect and Learn Together


  Parents and professionals usually take separate courses due to course complexity. However, Ages and Stages,® LLC wants to encourage the best possible feeding, speech, and mouth development in all children by bringing parents and professionals together as they work toward this goal.  
  During my 30+ years as a speech-language pathologist, I frequently noticed an apparent "disconnect" between parents and professionals:

    Parents often expressed disappointment when professionals did not give them the help they         needed (when they needed it).
    Professionals often expressed disappointment when parents did not follow through with their         recommendations.
    Yet, both the parents and the professionals (with whom I worked) had children's best interests at         heart.

So, I asked, "How can we help parents and professionals connect and work 'hand-in-hand'?" This question resulted in the Parent-Professional E-courses and the many other resources found on our website.

Our unique E-courses teach simple-to-use techniques that both parents and professionals can apply daily. They are literature-based and presented in simple-to-understand language. They are similar to "live courses" in that they have PowerPoint-like slides with dynamic audio and video which participants control at their own pace.

Participants will have access to each E-course for a period of 6 months from their registration date to allow for personal use and review. The courses have printable outlines and instructions. Our goal is to provide participants with access to E-Course information for a period of time to help them apply what they learn in the course, similar to a "living book."

Professionals must attain 80% accuracy on the test at the end of each course in order to receive a certificate. ASHA paperwork will be submitted quarterly for those requesting ASHA CEUs by supplying their ASHA numbers. Reasonable accommodations will be made for individuals with disabilities. Please contact us if you need special consideration. Groups should also contact us for special group discount codes.

So, let's join together to create a generation of healthier, happier children (and parents) through the
E-courses. Please feel free to contact us with questions or thoughts regarding our E-Courses.

Best Wishes,

E-mail: dibahr@cox.net
Phone: 702-875-2888